price only 2000 aed

Do not miss this chance to purchase a used 2014 Toyota Yaris GCC for the incredibly low price of just 8,000 dirhams. This well-maintained compact could be the ideal car for expatriate workers seeking affordable transportation they can trust.

Quality Option for Expats

A 2014 Toyota Yaris GCC presents a remarkable opportunity for those living outside the UAE. Expats require a mode of transport for work commutes, errands, and exploring places near their home. Yet a new car is seldom realistic while abroad. This 2014 Toyota Yaris GCC available for under 8k AED solves that predicament.

Service Records You Can Rely On

Trust this2014 Toyota Yaris GCC because its full maintenance log is available. The previous owner consistently brought it to Toyota for scheduled upkeep. Nothing was put off so minor problems didn’t become costly repairs later. Receipts demonstrate the car received conscientious care.

2014 Toyota Yaris GCC: Very Low Kilometers

Though nearly a decade old, this car shows significantly fewer kilometers than regular for its age. Its sole driver accumulated only 12,000 per year primarily city driving with occasional highways. The low usage is evident – tires still grip, brakes are solid and the engine purrs smoothly. It appears to have drastically under average mileage.

Roomy Interior Space

The 2014 Toyota Yaris offers a roomy cabin that pleasantly accommodates four average-sized adults. Rear doors swing widely for effortless entry and loading cargo inside. When more room is needed, easily fold down the rear seats to access a generous load area. For passengers or items, this Yaris packs unexpectedly well.

Looks Fresh Inside and Out!

After scrutinizing the 2014 Toyota Yaris’ interior and exterior, no one would believe it’s approaching a decade old. Beige upholstery exhibits no signs of wear, tears or stains. The dashboard and vents seem newly purchased. Shiny paint and new wheels lend the impression this low-mileage car was recently sold new, not driven daily for years. It really seems brand new at a used car price.

Call Today for the Best Buy Around

At just 8,000 dirhams, finding a better valued small car will be challenging. Test drive this 2014 Toyota Yaris GCC before someone else buys it. The seller wants a speedy sale and is ready to assist you. Don’t wait – contact now to inspect this fastidiously maintained Toyota in person. Reliable transportation for under 8k is an absolute steal you won’t discover anywhere else.

Don’t Skip the Safety Checklist When Buying a Used Car

Safety first! When purchasing a used car, thoroughly inspecting it is key to avoiding nasty surprises down the road. Use this comprehensive used car safety checklist to spot issues before you buy.

Trust the Tests: Review Safety Ratings
Consult safety test results from experts like the IIHS and NHTSA. Frontal, side, rollover ratings – accept no less than top scores.
Scan for safety features: airbags, ABS, stability/traction control. More is better. No compromises here.
Search NHTSA’s recall database for any defects with the make/model. Open recalls must be fixed pronto.

Stick with cars boasting ace crash tests and today’s latest safety tech. No sense settling for less protection.

Scan the Surface: Examine the Exterior
Give those tires the once over – adequate tread depth? Even wear? Replace if questionable.
Lights fully operational? Check headlights, blinkers, brake and reverse lights. Replace burnt out bulbs.
Inspect paint for overspray, mismatched panels or repairs hinting at collisions.
Do panels line up? Badly aligned doors or hood could equal frame damage. No bueno.
Leaks below? Scan underneath for drips or puddles that spell trouble.
Chips, cracks or damage in glass? Have it repaired or swapped, visibility is paramount.
Pore Over the Interior
belts frayed or faulty? Replace ’em. They’re lifesavers when seconds count.
Airbags – all present, no tears? Warning lights flashing trouble? Don’t ignore.
Electronics firing on all cylinders? Test windows, locks, lights, wipers. Fix flaws.
Parking brake ain’t broke? Adjust or repair accordingly. Crucial backup for regular brakes.
Upholstery & carpets – stains and rips could point to leaks or flooding. Be vigilant.
What’s Under the Hood?
Fluids – refill low brake fluid, transmission fluid, coolant, etc. Flush if grungy.
Hoses & belts worn or cracked? Replace to avoid being stranded roadside.
Battery terminally corroded or insecurely mounted? Load test. Replace if weak.
Leaks or damage in engine? Leave inspection to the pros, don’t start it yourself!
Take it for a Spin
Steering responsive with no pulling, vibration? Alignment needs addressing.
Brakes loud or grabby? Red flags like pulsating point to problems.
Pickup peppy? Hesitations or odd noises when accelerating spell trouble.
Transmission shifts smooth as butter? Slips between gears – uh oh.
Suspension nice and tight? Bounciness, leaning around corners – could need work.
Review Maintenance & Ownership Records
Service history complete with oil changes, inspections etc? Gaps in service suspicious.
Accident history report reveals damage, salvage title? Pass. Too risky.
Many previous owners? More owners = more wear and tear. Original owner ideal.

Arm yourself with this safety checklist before hitting the used car lot. Identify issues early, negotiate accordingly, and drive away confidently in your ride. Safe travels!

2014 Toyota Yaris GCC
2014 Toyota Yaris GCC
2014 Toyota Yaris GCC
2014 Toyota Yaris GCC

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