My Fun Little Toyota Yaris 2007 GCC

I recently scored a Toyota Yaris 2007 GCC for just 7,500 dirhams and wanted to share some thoughts. This pint-sized hatchback has been a blast as a cheap daily commuter. Here’s what I like most:

Toyota Dependability

Even at 15+ years old, it feels solid. Starts right up everytime and runs smooth once warmed. No major issues yet knocks wood. Hoping for many more years thanks to Toyota’s rep for reliability.

Great MPG

With a 1.5L 4-cylinder, it sips gas nicely. Mostly city driving, I average about 14-15L/100 km. Great little commuter that’s easy on the wallet when filling up weekly.

Surprising Space

Despite the small exterior dimensions, there’s a decent cargo area with rear seats folded. And tall passengers fit ok in the backseats. Definitely doesn’t feel tiny inside like other subcompacts.

Fun Handling

Don’t expect much acceleration, but once rolling it handles surprisingly well. Light steering gives it a tossable, almost go-kart feel. Not fast but puts a smile on my face chucking it through roundabouts.

Aftermarket Support

As a popular model globally, there’s tons of mods and accessories available. Wheels, coils, intakes, exhausts, you name it. Great to customize to your taste over time.

For a simple A-to-B hatchback, I’m loving this 2007 Yaris GCC so far. Reliable, efficient, and tossable – what more could you want for under 8k? If you find a clean one, take it for a drive and see why I enjoy mine!

Toyota Yaris 2007 Gulf
The price is 7,500 dirhams
The car is in good condition
Without any accidents
Place of inspection: Khorfakkan
to know more :

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