Alto Lapin LC from Suzuki cars now in Japan

The year 2002 saw the famous Suzuki car brand produce its hatchback “Alto Lapin”, or what it calls Kei car, which is a special classification for the Japanese market only.. Apart from its small size, the car has a distinctive box design, and its name “Lapin” is synonymous with the word “Lapin”. “Rabbit” in French, this explains the rabbit head logo on the front grille instead of the Suzuki logo.
The car consists of three generations and recently revealed the LC version of it with additions that combine modern and classic.
And if we come to the design of the interface in the new version somewhat, we find that the headlights acquired touches of chrome and were separated from the front grille, which shrank in size and became black. Inside the new grille, a silver chrome line appears that ends with a small circular piece on each of its ends. On the back, the design did not differ much except for the shape of the logo.

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