Nissan Altima 2021 in the UAE.. its price is unbelievable

The Nissan Altima is one of the Japanese cars that has a bold design and a reasonable price that suits everyone. It also has many advantages, including the ability to walk on bumpy roads, and many people, especially car lovers, want to buy used cars, and the car is available in the UAE showrooms at a low price, Our site reviews the details in the following lines.

Used Nissan Altima price in UAE

The car is available inside Ajman in the Fayhaa showroom, and it is in good condition. The color of the car for sale is gray, gray, and silver, and the car price is about 62 thousand AED.

Used Nissan Altima specifications

The engine capacity is 2500 cc.
4-cylinder turbo petrol.
Engine power is 188 hp.
Torque 244 Nm.
The engine is connected to the CVT gearbox.
Front-wheel drive.
It has LED headlights.
Rectangular fog lights.
– It also has sport-sized wheels, in the middle of the car’s rims, which combine black and silver.

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