Lovin My 2008 Toyota Rav4 GCC

Recently scored a tidy Toyota Rav4 2008 GCC for just 8 grand. As a small family needing a solid AWD SUV, this boxy boy ticks all the boxes:

Legendary Toyota Reliability

200k kms and hardly a rattle inside or out. These early Rav4s power on forever with regular maintenance. Expect this 2.4 motor to easily see 300k+ km.

Plenty Powerful Motor

Engine pulls strong when merging or overtaking, no struggling up hills. And returns decent fuel economy ~13L/100km for an AWD SUV. Happy not Shelling out for hi-octane either.

Surprisingly Spacious

Heaps rear legroom and headroom, even for tall kids. And huge cargo capacity over 1,100L with rear seats folded. Swallowed our camping gear no probs.

Capable AWD System

Not just front-wheel drive based “AWD” – actually powers all 4 wheels unlike some rivals. Gives traction in wet and light off-roading while retaining car-like handling.

Affordable Aftermarket Parts

As a popular model, easy to source affordable mods like wheels, coils, roof racks etc locally to customize our Rav. And repairs way cheaper than newer models.

For small families needing lots of space plus real AWD traction, this 2008 Rav4 GCC is a gem. Toyota reliability and roominess for under 8k? Yes please! Take one for a spin and fall in love like we did!

Toyota Rav4 2008 model Gulf
Price 8000 dirhams
Limited American specifications
Leather upholstery
hoop control
160 thousand km
The car is extremely clean
You do not need any expenditures

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