My Zingy Little 2011 Toyota Yaris GCC

Managed to snag a super clean Toyota Yaris 2011 GCC for just 9K dirhams recently. As a uni student on a budget, this zippy hatchback hits the sweet spot. Few things standing out so far:

Toyota = Bulletproof

Only 80k kms but engine bay looks brand new. These 1.5L motors will easily see 300k+ km with basic maintenance. Rest of quality typical Toyota goodness too.

Sips Fuel Lightly

Average about 14L/100km with my lead foot! Less highway trips means fewer pricey fill-ups – extra dirhams in my pocket.

Made for City Life

Tight turning circle and backup camera makes parking a cinch. Tossable handling puts a grin on my face chucking it through roundabouts too!

Deceptively Roomy

Despite compact size, rear seats accommodate taller folks fine. And seats fold flat to haul random stuff that won’t fit in the dorms!

Aftermarket Support Galore

As a popular global model, tons of affordable mods like wheels, coils, exhausts etc available locally. Great to customize over time on my tight budget!

For a university student needing a reliable, efficient hatchback, this 2011 Yaris GCC delivers big time. Toyota goodness, chuckable driving dynamics and sips gas nicely!

Toyota Yaris 2011 fully automatic Gulf
The price is 9000 dirhams
Lady driving
Only 121 thousand kilometers traveled
Location Dubai
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