My Reliable 2011 Toyota Corolla GCC

Managed to score an ultra clean Toyota Corolla 2011 GCC for 10K dirhams. As a uni student needing affordable transport, this sedan oozes bulletproof Toyota goodness:

Built Like a Tank

Under 100k km but still tight as a drum. These 1.6L motors easily hit 500k+ km with basic maintenance. Rest of quality is typical Toyota excellence too.

Saving Cash on Petrol

Returning about 15L/100km combined. With less highway trips that’s fewer expensive fill-ups – winning on my shoestring budget!

Surprisingly Roomy

Despite compact exterior dimensions, interior space is ample. Even tall mates fit comfortably out back. And big boot swallows dorm room leftovers aplenty.

Safety Tech On Point

Chock full of airbags and latest safety assists like ABS, stability control etc. Reassuring tech to keep out of trouble in the chaos of Dubai streets!

Aftermarket Support Galore

As a popular model locally, tons of affordable mods like wheels, coils, body kits available. Great to customize this Corolla to stand out from the crowd!

For a university student, this 2011 Corolla GCC nails it. Toyota legendary reliability, miserly on petrol and abundant mods support. What’s not to love for 10K

Toyota Corolla 2011 GCC 1.8
The price is 10,000 dirhams
The car is clean
116,000 km driven
4 cylinder
The car does not require any expenses
Ready to register immediately

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